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* NGA (Natural Geographic Area) is defined spatially by the area enclosed within a boundary drawn on the world map.
* It does not change with time.
* Its rough spatial scale is 100 km × 100 km (+/- 50%). Examples: Latium, Upper Egypt, Middle Yellow River Valley.
# NGA World Region World Subregion Current Country Update
1   Galilee Southwest Asia Levant-Mesopotamia Israel Update
2   Crete Europe Southeastern Europe Greece Update
3   Middle Ganga South Asia Indo-Gangetic Plain India Update
4   Basin of Mexico North America Mexico Mexico Update
5   Upper Egypt Africa Northeastern Africa Egypt Update
6   Iceland Europe Northern Europe Iceland Update
7   Ghanaian Coast Africa West Africa Ghana Update
8   Niger Inland Delta Africa Sahel Mali Update
9   Paris Basin Europe Western Europe France Update
10   Latium Europe Southern Europe Italy Update
11   Lena River Valley Central Eurasia Siberia Russia Update
12   Orkhon Valley Central Eurasia Mongolia Mongolia Update
13   Sogdiana Central Eurasia Turkestan Uzbekistan Update
14   Yemeni Coastal Plain Southwest Asia Arabia Yemen Update
15   Konya Plain Southwest Asia Anatolia-Caucasus Turkey Update
16   Susiana Southwest Asia Levant-Mesopotamia Iran Update
17   Garo Hills South Asia Eastern India India Update
18   Deccan South Asia Central India India Update
19   Kachi Plain South Asia Indo-Gangetic Plain Pakistan Update
20   Kapuasi Basin Southeast Asia Indonesia Indonesia Update
21   Central Java Southeast Asia Indonesia Indonesia Update
22   Cambodian Basin Southeast Asia Siam Cambodia Update
23   Southern China Hills East Asia South China China Update
24   Kansai East Asia Northeast Asia Japan Update
25   Middle Yellow River Valley East Asia North China China Update
26   Finger Lakes North America East Coast United States Update
27   Cahokia North America Mississippi Basin United States Update
28   Valley of Oaxaca North America Mexico Mexico Update
29   Lowland Andes South America Amazonia Ecuador Update
30   North Colombia South America Caribbean Colombia Update
31   Cuzco South America Andes Peru Update
32   Oro PNG Oceania-Australia New Guinea Papua New Guinea Update
33   Chuuk Islands Oceania-Australia Micronesia Micronesia Update
34   Big Island Hawaii Oceania-Australia Polynesia United States Update
35   Southern Mesopotamia Southwest Asia Levant-Mesopotamia Iraq Update
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